Photo: Zara Morris

bauhaus_worksheet #5: DIY Jewellery

Around 1940, when Bauhaus artist Anni Albers (1899–1994) had already emigrated to the US, she created a set of necklaces out of everyday materials with her student Alexander Reed. Corks, metal washers, hairgrips, paperclips, and plug hole strainers were either threaded onto textile band or string or clipped to bath plug chains. At first glance, Albers and Reed’s reduced use of materials and shapes make the necklaces appear precious. Only on closer inspection do we see that they are created with “valueless” materials.

Are you ready for the “Anni Albers Jewellery Challenge”? Download the bauhaus_worksheet #5 (PDF) to make your own necklace, bracelet or belt!

You need:

• Everyday materials such as: corks, paper clips, hair slides, buttons, metal nuts or washers, unusual beads, shells, safety pins, and string, twine, ribbon or band.

• Tools: Needle, scissors, small knife, screwdriver, chopping board.

  1. Download the bauhaus_worksheet#5 and read the comic about Anni Albers. Which materials did she use to make her necklaces?

  2. Now you’re ready for the Anni Albers Jewellery Challenge!

  3. Collect: Have a look at home for everyday materials for your jewellery.

  4. Adapt: Corks can be cut in slices or lengthways. Make holes in them with a screwdriver. Open up paper clips; bend them into different shapes.

  5. Sort: Think about order, repetition and distance between materials.

  6. Thread: Use a needle and string, ribbon or band to thread your material together.

  7. Share: Show off your creation! Take a selfie of yourself wearing it and send it to friends!

Idea and concept: Zara Verity Morris

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