bauhaus_worksheet #4 © Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, illustration: Doro Petersen, photo: Julia Marquardt

bauhaus_worksheet #4: Roller skating on paper

During the preliminary course Johannes Itten often began drawing classes with an exercise that loosened up his students’ minds and bodies. The Bauhaus student Martin Jahn remembered these exercises as a kind of “figure skating on paper” – not only did you move your fingers ... you had to move your whole body.

Do you want to trace curves and rhythms onto paper, too? Here are three roller-skaters who are ready to roll when you are!

Download the bauhaus_worksheet #4 (PDF)

You’ll need:

  • 3 pencils
  • coloured markers
  • scissors
  • adhesive tape
  • coloured sticker dots

  1. Print out the two pages of this bauhaus_worksheet#4.

  2. Colour the roller-skating kids and skating cat in bright, beautiful colours. Now carefully cut out all the figures.

  3. Attach each figure to a pencil by wrapping the tabs around the end and fixing them with tape.

  4. Glue the sticker dots onto the grey roller rinks (page 2) to create an obstacle course.

  5. Draw loops and wavy lines with your pencils over the roller rinks, but make sure to stay clear of the dots. See how amazing your little roller skaters can dance? With practice you make figure-eights, spirals, curves and pirouettes! Now try to draw with both hands at the same time!

Idea and concept: Doro Petersen and Friederike Holländer

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