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Mon 02.09.2019
18:15-21:15 Time
bauhaus week berlin

bauhaus_salon: The Bauhaus student Ré Soupault

Ré Soupault studied at the Bauhaus from 1921 to 1925. She was an experimental filmmaker, fashion journalist, fashion designer, photographer, translator, and essayist who also went by the names Erna Niemeyer and Renate Green. The podium discussion sheds light on her understanding of art and the transnational and transcultural world she inhabited.

Participants: Markus Heltschl, filmmaker, Susan Chales de Beaulieu, filmmaker, Patrick Rössler, University of Erfurt, Manfred Metzner, publisher and curator

Moderator: Anja Baumhoff, University of Hannover

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Visit us at the temporary bauhaus-archiv!

Our museum and archive at Klingelhöferstrasse are closed due to construction work.